What is Jack King Off?

Well apart from the subtle conotations, Jack King Off is a poker record and Diary for me, Guy Webster. I want to share my Poker experiences as I strive to step up and qualify and hopefully eventually cash on some of the well known poker tours firstly in the UK and Ireland, then Europe and who knows, perhaps even the World Poker Tour Main Event! – It sounds like a pipe dream, I know and im not crazy.

I also want to share my thoughts and feelings about various aspects of the game I love and hopefully provoke topical conversation and opinion on some of the well known and more taboo aspects of the poker machine.

Jack King off is also a hand in Hold Em. A marginal hand in many situations and a hand that describes the situation I find myself in at the point of starting this blog. I am a player who untill recently had little success in playing at any meaningful level. A fact I attribute to a poor Poker mindset and an affinity to mix Poker with mind altering substances which led to a sincere lack of discipline.

Why are you doing this Guy?

Every year a few of the boys get together and pop over to Dublin to compete in the IPO ( international poker open ). We have been going since this tournaments it’s inception in 2007 with the best Intentions. My experience until this year has been arriving the day before the main event for some socialising and a side event or two….. In short I played 4 out of the five years with a hangover that Oliver Reed would have been proud of and never made it past day 1. This year was different as I had made a resolution to give up the drink and play my best. I made day two and eventually after 34 hours of poker I made my first major tournament final table. Boyle poker sponsor this popular event and this year they postponed the final until 5 weeks later for publicity as they wanted to stream the final live and take live bets. This gave me plenty of time to ponder my strategy and my ability. I went into this final the chip leader with over 5 million in chips and became second favourite to the next in chips who happened to be Dutch and those of us that follow poker know that those boys can play! Boyles asked me if I wanted to blog for them approaching the final and I agreed. That was my first ever blog and I somewhat enjoyed talking about some of my preparations for the final. I have linked to it here. Blog for Boylesports

Guy Webster at the Boyle Poker IPO 2011

Mr Serious!

I will talk about the final in another post. But the short of it is I came fourth out of nearly 1400 players and bagged a respectable 20,000 euros for a 200 euro buy in. This result was my best in my non eventful poker career. It gave me a taste of the fruits that only running deep in a tournament of this type can. I want to record my attempts in an attmpt to provide usefull information to any poker players looking to “Step It Up”. I also want poker players to offer their opinions and comment on topics raised here so I and others might benefit. Remember poker takes a lifetime to master.

So Who Am I?

I am a 34 year old Designer, Property Developer and Landlord from Manchester. I have a wonderful wife, a brilliant 15 month old boy and a Jack Russell Terrier. I enjoy many things including sport, art, science fiction and music. Blah Blah…Me… Me… Blah Something Profound…I’m so interesting etc etc

I’m a nobody in poker, a marginal player if I was a hand I would be jack king off. I know how to play, I think I’m quite good, however I don’t have any trophies yet and I don’t have the bankroll to play in a significant buy in tournament on tour. Untill recently Poker has been my misunderstood hobby, played occossionally with friends even more occassionally in live tournaments and mostly online. I have been playing approximately 8 years, cutting my teeth on sites like Will Hill Poker and Party Poker. Allthough like many, my interest was stirred up years earlier by television programs like Late Night Poker and the film Rounders, however I have always found the clink of chips, the crisp graphics on playing cards and the dark green velvet irresistable from a young age. Combine these emotive gambling icons with an an addictive personality and my love for Poker was inevitable.

I truly beleive that there is a lot of great poker players out there, easily as good as some of the pros who make a handsome living doing something that they love. The issue is scale! How does an amateur take the leap from secure everyday job to pro poker full time. This blog is a record of my attempt to acheive this fete without going bankrupt. If I can serve as an example of what to do or indeed what not to do then even if I dont make it my experiences should help other wanna be full time players to make key choices.

The information contained in this blog is aimed at the amateur poker player, however, if you are already a pro and you think you can help me and others by sharing your experiences on this blog, you are welcome.

Please excuse spelling mistakes and poorly described hands. There will be times that I amd blogging live and thereofore on my Iphone. You can imagine me tapping away furiously as I try to record the hand and relevant commentary.